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MIPR Holdings is a professional consulting and investor relations company that offers business development, capital raise support and consulting services for companies entering the cannabis industry.

MIPR Holding’s Mission

At MIPR, we manage investor relations for a host of small to mid-size companies, providing the best professional guidance to ensure healthy performance. We connect capital resources to businesses while helping strengthen their growth potential. Our mission is to educate communities with sound guidance, financial literacy and to help prospective investors realize benefits through early adoption strategies. We promote an increased access to capital for both growing operations and ancillary businesses alike, while ensuring the stigma fades from public perceptions and within legislative and civic sectors.

The Cannabis Industry

What the industry is saying about the pro cannabis movement.

Khadijah Adams

Khadijah Adams Founder | CEO

“Timing and positioning is extremely important in any industry and it’s important for me to sound the horn so that people can finally take notice of this space.”

Hugo D. Aviles

Hugo D. Aviles Technology Strategist

“We’re looking to help cultivate the growth of legal medical cannabis startups while injecting a new culture of innovation into the market”

Dana Blickensderfer

Dana Blickensderfer Media Strategist

“We need to take the pro-active approach to educate society. Therefore we have to cultivate great relationships with advocates that will aid to penetrate the market for the legalization of cannabis.”

MIPR Holding’s Vision

Our Vision is to educate communities most effected by the “War on Drugs” with truthful knowledge about cannabis. We believe that by empowering our communities with this knowledge, they may be motivated to get involved in the cannabis industry whether as business owners, or as investors with the intent of creating generational wealth.

Khadijah Adams

Our Services

MIPR Holdings offers professional consulting packages, investment relations services, and other business development products that include, but are not limited to:

Customizable Business Plans

Our plans are optimized for any product, brand or idea to articulate a successful model & position in the space!

Pitch Deck Consulting

Using your business vision we project & organize investor expectations & clearly outline a pitch deck for your investors!

Coaching and Consulting

We bring passion to our consulting services! Our coaching style is built on knowledge, experience & a larger vision!

Real Estate Services

We connect investors entering the space by acquiring or investing in an existing operation with current facility owners.

Branding and Development

Several factors are involved with branding in the cannabis space! Leverage legally & effectively with our resources today!


We host investment education workshops designed to help novice investors further their investment education!

Marketing and Planning

We build & execute niche strategies including social media, SEO, print, PR & media. Let us maximize brand exposure!

Educational Conferences

All-exclusive private weekend retreats for individuals who seek to understand the cannabis industry scope in privacy.


  • Not only do the first-rate-lectures and presentations give a valuable cross section of the recreational, medical, legal, financial, and related aspects of the industry, but Khadijah Adams is very knowledgeable and will be your personal guide to the movers, shakers and insiders that you could not experience on your own or by attending only the lectures.

  • The Marijuana Investment & Private Retreat gives those who are hesitant to get into the industry, and those who are barred from it, education on how to invest in the publicly traded cannabis businesses so that they can join in on this exciting new market.

    Larisa-Bolivar-164x164 Larisa Bolivar - Executive Director, Cananbis Consumers Coalition
  • Khadijah's wisdom, genius, work ethic and guidance will help anyone shatter barriers … especially minorities in investing.

    iboss-headshot Dana Blickensderfer - Media Advisor - First Harvest Financial

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Latest Projects

Our latest projects includes a Private Weekend Retreat for accredited investors, and our Blackboard Membership to gain access to educational investment tools, videos & more!


Marijuana Investment & Private Retreat

Education, Events, Investing


MIPR Blackboard Membership

Education, Investing


MIPR Academy

Education, Investing


MIPR Book Launch

Education, Investing

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MIPR Holdings Empowers

MIPR Holdings empowers businesses and people interested in cannabis not just solely for financial gain, but because MIPR Holdings is passionate about cannabis.

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